A new program to support innovation and promotion of high-quality food

Food is a key factor in human existence. Diet, diet, food products, including functional food, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals determine the state of well-being, health and quality of human life, and consequently our creative performance and social strength.

Therefore, in terms of developing global trends, as well as in terms of competitiveness, one of the most important areas of the economy is the agri-food industry, especially the new-generation food industry with a high rate of innovation, e.g. the nutraceutical and functional food industry.

Food, its quality and the way of nutrition determine public health. Food is the basic factor of preventive health care, as it determines our health and quality of life in as much as 60-80%.

Improper nutrition is the cause of civilization diseases, especially diet-dependent ones. The Council of Europe points to this fact, pointing to a significant economic burden for the EU countries.

In the Polish public health system, it is urgent to change the mentality of decision-makers responsible for the health of the society, and thus the transition from the formula of "sick man" to "healthy man". Unfortunately, so far no state health protection system has been established in Poland, so it is necessary to implement a preventive health system, which is 25 times cheaper than treatment. On the other hand, it would improve the proper treatment program, then probably without queuing. The use of preventive healthcare, taking into account the implementation of special educational programs as well as the promotion and use of healthy food of natural origin, especially nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and functional food will definitely contribute to improving the quality of life.

New generation foods, including dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, are not medicines, but have significant physiological effects in the aspect of prevention and support medical therapy, which means low costs for public health.

The University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, together with the authorities of the Lower Silesia region, is building a new strategy to meet the current expectations of the society. It is a strategy called "Green Valley of Food and Health" included in the government's strategy.

Tadeusz Trziszka
University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw

Field: agricultural sciences, Discipline: food technology and human nutrition, including: a) process technologies, in particular innovative technologies in the production of nutraceutical and functional food dietary supplements, b) food quality and safety management.
In general, research issues include issues related to the chemistry and technology of food, with particular emphasis on poultry raw materials. The technology of isolation and applications of phospholipids from egg yolk and biotechnological processes related to enzymatic hydrolysis remain in the area of ​​great interest.  Academic achievements: about 400 items, including over 180 original creative works, 15 textbooks and monographs, over 60 patents and patent applications. Active participation in over 180 conferences in Poland and abroad. Managing or participating in 12 R&D projects and in 9 educational and regional development projects. Management or participation in 10 implementation projects.