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Today’s world’s population, especially in the countries of highest income is suffering from lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular system malfunctions or diabetes. At the same time, it takes 1 calories to produce 9 calorie of chicken, 1 calories to produce 25 calorie of beef. Such food production system is highly ineffective, particularly if carbon dioxide emissions and land use are taken into consideration. Today’s animal agriculture has reached productivity peaks, yet at the same time not delivering sustainable solutions to major global challenges - feeding 10 billion people in 2050 or meeting Paris Agreement’s climate goals.

Seeing the great potential in major developments in plant-protein and cellular agriculture space, RoślinnieJemy puts a strong emphasis on solutions that can massively affect global food system in the future, yet we feel a great urge to act now. Thus, instead of reaching individuals, RoślinnieJemy focuses on corporate and institutional change. With such an approach, we aim at shifting food-system within public institutions and major organisations in order to maximize the effect and inspire systemic change. With teams operating in 9 European countries, we are able to dynamically scale our impact and implement our solutions across the board.

Cities, states and institutions around the world already undertake efforts to improve their citizens’ health and reduce their environmental footprint - these fantastic examples such as C40 commitment to sustainable Food Policies signed by 14 cities such as Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris (and many more)or meat reduction programme by Cambridge University make a solid proof for that such efforts bear fruits.

Through RoślinnieJemy our goal is to affect major businesses and institutions to shift towards plant-forward eating - as recent EAT Lancet’s report suggests, adopting a more plant-rich, planetary diet, with plant-protein as the centre-plate is essential to tackle both global health concerns and climate change. With the team backed by doctors, dietitians and chefs, our current goal is to establish solid partnerships with public institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals, or even prisons and support their efforts to introduce better dietary patterns for people and the planet. Through dedicated training, menu development support and a witty eye on the recent food trends, together we will spark the change, starting from the plate.

Maciej Otrębski

Responsible for strategic partnerships within "RoślinnieJemy" business campaign. On a daily basis, he cooperates with food industry entrepreneurs, provides consulting services and helps companies to understand the massive consumer interest in plant-based products. Curator of Plant-Powered Perspectives concept and program. Maciej is also involved in TEDxKraków and cooperates with Change Pilots. Prior to RoślinnieJemy, he was co-creating Eataway, which is the biggest meal-sharing platform in Central Eastern Europe. He holds a master degree in Economics from the Cracow's University of Economics.