Development of dietary supplements

The ageing of the population is leading to an increase in metabolic disorders which, with poor diet and low physical activity, can lead to the development of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, which are one of the main causes of premature death. The presentation concerns: XNUMX) to evaluate the diet of a patient with a metabolic syndrome; and XNUMX) the results of a XNUMX-month cooperation of the patient with a dietician. The evaluation of the patient's diet revealed numerous nutritional errors and abnormalities in eating habits. Additionally, inadequate lifestyle, economic situation and old age contributed to the development of diet-related diseases. Independent studies in various population groups confirm qualitative and quantitative nutritional errors caused by economic situation and age. In the clinical case in question, constant cooperation of the patient with the therapeutic team (doctor, dietician and physiotherapist) contributed to the implementation of beneficial changes in lifestyle, improvement of physical and mental condition and achievement of the intended health effects.

Offer, i.e. purpose of the presentation
- Diet therapy is increasingly important in the treatment of nutrition-related diseases. Increasing public awareness of the impact of diet and lifestyle on the risk of metabolic diseases will contribute to the improvement of health. The Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Hugo Kollatai University of Agriculture in Krakow, conducts scientific activities, among others, in the evaluation of nutrition and nutritional status of various groups of the population, as well as the impact of diet and dietary components on health. Scientific research is conducted in vitro on cell lines, in vivo on laboratory animals and population studies.
- We encourage you to cooperate in joint research and development projects, educational activities and popularization of science. The offer is addressed to companies and dietary institutions, nutrition clinics and other medical institutions, as well as students who want to specialize in the profile of human nutrition and dietetics.
- If you are the owner of a LIVE and/or Dietary Clinic, a producer of food, dietary supplements, etc. - you have an idea for research or you have no idea - and you want to establish cooperation with the University - contact us!
- If you are a Dietician or Dietician Student and want to take part in research work or see how nutrition and dietetic specialists set the goals and objectives of diet therapy, or maybe you want to share your experiences with patients or help a person who wants to change their eating habits and lifestyle - turn to us!
- If you are a PERSON who wants to become a qualified dietician, you are interested in research work in the field of nutrition evaluation and nutritional status as well as healthy and sick human nutrition - contact us!

Joanna Mrożek
agricultural University

Engineer Joanna Mrożek Finalist of the 1st National Olympiad in Sports and Health in Gniezno. A graduate of Dietetics, the Faculty of Food Technology, the University of Agriculture. Hugo Kołłątaj in Krakow. Currently, he is continuing his education at the aforementioned university conducting research on the scope of nutrition assessment and nutritional status of a patient with thyroid problems. In addition, he works at the NZOZ Obesity Treatment Center in Krakow. Personally, the topic of food, both in the context of production and human nutrition, is a passion for her, not just an element of everyday work