Growing nutritional awareness of consumers, widespread interest in a healthy lifestyle and higher income of Poles are just some of the factors increasing interest in functional food. The bases of its development are natural food additives, i.e. in the form of nutraceuticals, used to enrich products with deficient nutrients. Their use enables adaptation of conventional products to the specific needs of individual consumer groups (personalized food) and is the basis for developing new food segments, e.g. beauty food, mood food or night food . The paper presents the main future trends in the food industry, some of which can be implemented by enriching food with health-promoting and biologically active substances. Particular attention was paid to nutraceuticals - food or substances isolated from food products that have proven pro-health effects in the therapeutic or preventive health area. Their basic types, impact on the human body, possibilities of obtaining and application in production practice were discussed. The example of drinks presents the possibility of product development that gains the characteristics of functional food due to the use of naturally extracted and purified ingredients from commonly available raw materials on the market: fruits, vegetables, meats, algae or fish, or by adding ingredients currently found in cosmetics, e.g. aloe vera, collagen, ceramides. It was emphasized that it is necessary to popularize knowledge about functional food among consumers and to promote this category of food. As a result, it will be possible to consume it at a sufficiently high level and achieve the desired health effects. At the same time, research into nutraceuticals should be continued to develop guidelines for their uptake and supply, thus avoiding possible side effects.

Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz
Cracow University of Economics