Intestines play a key role in human organisms. Their correct function depends on resident microflora. One of the most effective ways to improve bowel function is probiotic therapy. Probiotics are selected strains of bacteria or yeast that introduced into the gastrointestinal tract can have a positive effect on regaining the balance of intestinal microbiota. However, each strain has its own characteristics of impact, and in order to obtain the optimal therapeutic effect, it must be selected to the patient's current condition. For example, some strains stimulate immunity and are used for frequent infections, while other silence the immune response and are recommended for hypersensitivity. Valida - Intestinal microflora and Valida - Intestinal balance allow for optimal selection of probiotic strains. Based on the stool sample, the bacterial composition of the intestines, the presence of yeast, mold and parasites, as well as key inflammatory and metabolic markers are analyzed. The patient's overall health and medications are analyzed based on the medical interview. The test result includes a quantitative and qualitative description of individual parameters, as well as detailed recommendations on the use of targeted probiotics.

The choice of therapy based on detailed diagnostics is one of the most effective ways to work with the patient. Valida - Intestinal microflora and Valida - Intestinal balance tests allow to precisely determine the most important parameters related to the intestines and metabolism. They significantly facilitate the diagnosis of diseases and the selection of appropriate probiotic strains, concordant with the patient's current condition. We invite doctors, nutritionists and other specialists, as well as medical centers, who are interested in a comprehensive and effective approach to the patient to cooperate with us. We provide substantive and marketing support as well as thematic trainings and webinars. We are also eager to cooperate with scientists or centers that would like to deepen their knowledge and publish work in the field of intestinal microflora, based on the results of the research we conduct.

Artur Papp

The founder and owner of the 4Active company (medical and industrial diagnostics, IT distribution, from 2004), manager, consultant, project manager at ComArch SA (1997-2004). Member and Chairman of the Council of the Wen Foundation (since 2013). Education: Telecommunications at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.
4Active has been operating in the medical diagnostics industry since 2007. Initially focused on testing IgG dependent food hypersensitivity. Over time, the scope was expanded to include specialized intestinal diagnostics, medical mail-order diagnostics and supplementation with specialized probiotic strains. The company also offers tests to detect allergens in food and on production lines.