Research and Development Center at the Geriatric Hospital

The group of projects concerns the identification of innovative products and services for the elderly - innovative diagnostic and telediagnostic procedures, orthopedic equipment supporting the activity of the elderly, functional and infrastructural facilities for seniors in medical facilities. The projects are at an advanced stage of implementation and their implementation will cover the European market. The projects are initiated by a team of specialists of the only monoprofile Geriatric Hospital in Poland, which knows very carefully the medical and care needs of the elderly as well as their functional and cognitive limitations. The team consists of specialist geriatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists, biomedical engineers, architects, and graphic artists. Know-how in the field of care, treatment and rehabilitation of elderly people (in early and advanced old age) allows our team to define solutions that improve the quality of life of people in senior age. Individual projects are covered by confidentiality agreements between the entities involved in their implementation, therefore the details cannot be made public.

We are looking for cooperation with orthopedic / medical equipment manufacturers who would be interested in producing products based on our team's know-how (mainly: an intelligent orthopedic sphere supporting the physical activity of the elderly) and individuals interested in implementing innovative pro-quality solutions for seniors in their medical and caring activities ( panel of diagnostic tests related to the prevention of aging, guidelines for arranging senior-friendly medical space).

Meet the presenter:

Anna Brzęska - Mikoda

Research and Development Center at the Geriatric Hospital

Director of the Research and Development Center at EMC Silesia sp. Z o. O. Running the Geriatric Hospital John Paul II in Katowice, a graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice, completed the MBA program in Health Care at Lazarski University, author and manager of many projects, including those co-financed from EU and local government funds. Associate of the Memory and Help Foundation Dr. Edmund Gryglewicz in Katowice.