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About us

The Klaster LifeScience Foundation in Krakow was established in the year 2013 in order to better use the potential of the initiative LifeScience cluster, taking up the challenges facing the Bio-Region of Małopolska and effective use of development opportunities in the field of life science and biotechnology.

The Foundation, having legal personality, as a member of the "Innovative Cluster" also acts as the leader and coordinator of this undertaking.

Our mission

  1. Creating a cooperation network in the field of life science, enabling effective connection and use of the potential of individual people and institutions - enterprises, universities, research units, business environment and local authorities in Lesser Poland.
  2. Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of life science and creating conditions for effective commercialization of research results of universities and research and development units.
  3. Combining and developing resources and competences in the field of life science in order to effectively use the existing opportunities and opportunities related to the development of an innovative knowledge-based economy.
  4. Supporting Cluster Partners in achieving their development goals in the area of ​​products, services and technologies for health and quality of life.

Our vision

The role of the Foundation is defined at three reference levels:

  • In the Region: The Foundation actively implements the assumptions of the Małopolska Region development policy in the field of life science and biotechnology - it is a partner and tool of local and regional authorities in this respect, and cooperates with other institutions and initiatives with which it is possible to implement programs under the Małopolska Region Development Strategy and the Regional Innovation Strategy ;
  • In Poland: The foundation is recognized and appreciated as a partner in the implementation of state policy in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and as a leader in joint ventures whose goal is to strengthen and develop bio-regions in Poland. In this respect, he cooperates with state authorities and institutions as well as representatives of other bio-regions in Poland, including regional authorities and business environment institutions;
  • Global: The Foundation is recognized and identified as a reliable partner in projects and ventures related to innovation in the field of life science (from research to product marketing) and development cooperation; The main advantages of the Foundation in this context are the potential and competences of Partners and an organized network of cooperation in the Region and Poland.

The mission and method of operation have been enshrined in the Foundation Statute. The Foundation is a non-profit organization.

Address: Life Science Park, ul. Bobrzyński 14, 30-348 Krakow
NIP - 676 24 64 304
REGON - 122838510
KRS - 0000458418 (the current excerpt from the National Court Register can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice)
Bank Account - Nest Bank 09 1140 1010 3066 0000 0015 2790


Z o. O. Jagiellonian Center of Innovation sp. Z o. O
Małopolska Regional Development Agency SA
Eurokreator sp. Z o. O
Silvermedia sp. Z o. O
EcoPlant Householding sp. Z o. O


President of the Board - Kazimierz Murzyn

Life Science Open Space

Life Science Open Space is an open collaboration platform managed by the LifeScience Krakow Cluster Foundation.

The goal of LSOS is to promote Open Innovation - interdisciplinary cooperation of environments (science and business) related to the development and implementation of technologies, products and services for HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

The highlight is the annual autumn event: Life Science Open Space - Open Forum of Cooperation and Innovation for HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE.