The medicine market of the future is growing at a record pace, using robotic devices and the latest technologies. There is a lot of competition in the group of robots for rehabilitation, the most popular in the world are Lokomat, Walkbot and Motorika. It turns out that the less-known solution under the name Prodrobot has incomparable advantages at a much lower price.

Why can a Polish brand compete with the world?

Prodrobot was created by a number of specialists from its industry in response to the real needs of real patients. It was created in a private manufacture and its design was dedicated to sick twins with cerebral palsy. The company does not have a large marketing base, which is why it does not create artificial prices as in the case of large foreign companies and corporations. The main driving force is enthusiasm and willingness to help with an individual approach and adaptation to the client's capabilities.

First of all, the safety of children exercising at Prodrobot

This is a priority advantage of Prodrobot met by a number of features such as: independently adjustable orthoses to fit perfectly to the length of the child's legs in each stretch and 28 individually adjustable points ensuring stable posture during rehabilitation and comfort. Then the device allows a constant possibility of changing ranges of motion adapted to the current state and capabilities of the patient. Strategic locations of safety buttons allow immediate stop of work and cut off power supply. The built-in sitting assistant allows you to place the patient safely in a stable position. At the electronics level, safety is supported by sensors placed in each joint, which perform multiple measurements in 1 second by checking the position of the leg. The device has been subjected by professional tests of electrical safety and medical use.

Effective therapy with full control of the gait pattern

The best effects of rehabilitation will be provided by a device adapting to the patient's condition at any moment. The device works in active-passive mode depending on the patient's involvement in the exercises. Each mode allows you to control the speed and range of movement, which directly translates into the number of cycles performed during one session, and thus the intensity of training. The robot allows full independence of movability in all 6 joints. Exercises are based on the correct anatomical pattern of movement developed in research studies. Therapy can be carried out for a long period of time, thanks to adjustable orthoses that adapt to the patient's height for several years. Such regularity and intensity of mechanical rehabilitation significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy.

Therapy adapted to difficult cases and unexpected events

Prodrobot rules out the problem of placing unstable feet on a treadmill with patients with loose ankle. All exercises take place without contact with the ground in the air and the patient can be ease in proportion to his capabilities. The device has the option of setting constant contractures measured on the patient and moving in the angular range typical for a given child. Also spontaneous contractures, ie the occurrence of spasticity, is recognized by the device.

The device even for home use

Prodrobot does not require special adaptation in terms of room and service. It is a compact size and lightweight device - you can keep it in your own apartment. The software is very easy to use, 30 min training allows the correct use of the robot and all its functions. In addition, the manufacturer provides periodic services, spare parts and full after-sales service.

Prodrobot is entirely a product of Polish origin, but its sales, testing and positive reception can be seen all over the world.

Source: prodromus