What is ProdElvis?

ProdElvis = Prodromus Electronic Visualization System is a software designed for adaptation for use with rehabilitation products, in particular for the Prodrobot Automated Gait Trainer and belongs to the group of real-time feedback systems. ProdElvis is a software that allows you to visualize the course of therapeutic procedures by graphically presenting pressure forces and their distribution over the patient's feet during exercise.

How can you use ProdElvis?

ProdElViS can be used as automated gait trainer biofeedback application and can be fully adjusted for other devices dedicated to gait reeducation and gait functionality improvement, like exsosceletons, walkers, trainers.

The minimal options of system adaptation for other rehabilitation devices are: dedicated mechanical elements for the assembly of encoders, shoes insoles equipped with force sensors and connector, cordless power system (charger + battery) and application in various mobile devices.

How does it work?

ProdElvis works in four modes:

  1. Live - online observation of pressure forces and distribution.
  2. Recording - saving the data collected during the exercise to the database.
  3. Preview - analyzing previously saved exercises.
  4. Comparing - comparing selected exercises from the database for a given patient.

ProdElvis is useful for:

  • real time observation of forces of patient's movement,
  • real time measuring speed of walk,
  • asymetry of movement analyzing,
  • improvement the movement of patient in real time,
  • motivate patient to put more effort into participating in active therapy,
  • spasticity real time observation.
  • The following functions are under development in ProdElvis:
  • moments of force exerted by the patient on the device's orthoses,
  • comparison of reaction forces with a proper gait pattern,
  • gait phase markers included in the gait chart,
  • use of games in therapy,
  • connection to the VR system,
  • cloud connection, ie archived patient data, will be available for tracking remotely.

Why should we choose ProdElvis?

This software is very easy to use and gives easy to read information. Shows data that are not observable while working in a walking trainer or walker. Prodelvis is an open software that changes and expands its functions depending on the needs of real users - physiotherapists and doctors.

Source: prodromus