MedStream Designer

The Next Generation Hospital implements a number of technological solutions which ensure effective and efficient management, better patient care, and more effective therapy, diagnostics and disease prevention. It also improves the working conditions for medical personnel, who can focus on the most important aspect of their job – their patients. Above all, the Next Generation Hospital is a unit that enters into the world of modern medicine, coherently implementing the necessary changes so that it is able to function efficiently and face any new challenges. The Next Generation Hospital takes diagnostics and treatment beyond the hospital walls to other places including the patient’s home. Thanks to portable wireless communication devices, patients can now be monitored almost everywhere. Geo-location, real-time checks and, in the event of an emergency, automatic alerts, ensure rapid medical intervention and speedy delivery of the necessary assistance. Devices from the field of telemedicine positively change patient care in the case of those highly susceptible to health or life-threatening conditions. They allow them to remain at home while still being under professional care. Portable measuring instruments also further enhance the diagnostic process. Thanks to the ability to conduct remote observation of patients under everyday conditions, doctors are able to see precisely what problems they may have and how a certain medical condition progresses, saving time for both parties.

Alicja Bożek

Business Solutions Consultant at Comarch Healthcare. A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology in the field of Biomedical Engineering. At Comarch Healthcare, she is responsible for developing business specifications and offers, substantive support of implemented processes and presenting the offered solutions at conferences in the country and abroad.