The Innotexti project was created as one of the social innovations and involved tests on people aged XNUMX and above, with the use of the tracksuit bottoms, that allows monitoring the knees performance. Those people, who were selected, had various problems maintaining the typical gain pattern - knee endoprosthesis, falling arches, hip fracture, torn meniscus and overweight. Tests’ results have shown that smart clothing is widely accepted by older people, especially by those who are aware that regular exercise is eliminating many bad habits, improves physical condition and improves the quality of life. The project has been implemented by the multidisciplinary team (designers, electronic engineers, software engineers and physiotherapists). The opportunity to test the design gave us a better view on how universal the project is and how to adapt it to the needs of other recipients.

The test we have carried out, allowed us to confirm the potential of our designs and once tests on the broader audience are completed, introduction to the commerce market should be considered. Also, a few weaknesses have been identified, and these should be eliminated. The meetings with experts, participation in training sessions and workshops assisting the development of the new products led to the concept of targeting different personas or audiences – children with normal gain pattern disorders. Both designs are intricate and require to build a larger team of experts representing different disciplines, also the involvement of the bodies experienced with the rehabilitation of the motor organs at the testing stage. The whole process requires financial investment also.

Bożena Groborz
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Assistant professor at the Department of Space and Color at the Faculty of Industrial Forms of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and head of the Studio of applied textiles; Assistant Professor and Head of the Design Department at the PWSZ in Tarnów; president of the management board of the Beauty Foundation. PhD in 2010 - topic: "Graphics and colors of Polish fabric produced industrially in the 20th century and its meaning in clothing". Designer, she mainly deals with fabrics in contemporary clothing, graphics and colors of fabrics in clothing and interiors, trends in the development of modern textiles as well as smart-fashion and smart-textiles.