Social Innovation groups

Inspiring and promoting new solutions that aim at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Małopolska is one of the basic tasks of modern social communication. In order to be successful you have to be involved in creating ideas for new forms of assistance for individuals and institutions with varied experiences that are based on potential cooperation and are open for changes and create conditions for the development of social innovations. Having them in mind - social innovations - the Accessibility Incubator project was created by the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow and the Foundation of the Institute of Regional Development. The aim of the project is to focus on grassroots and innovative initiatives that will eliminate barriers in access to services, products and public spaces for the elderly and disabled. Solutions with the best test results will be disseminated in Poland. We are looking for a minimum of XNUMX solutions that will allow to solve social problems in a faster and more efficient way. The assumption of the competition is to select the best solutions, then refine ideas in cooperation with Social Innovators and test them in the group of the elderly and with disabilities. We support Social innovations in a substantive and financial way giving grants (maximum up to XNUMX PLN) for creating and testing new solutions. If you are ready for challenges, have an interesting idea or have developed innovative solutions and would like to test them in practice – let us know. We will help you to implement this plan.

It is currently estimated that even up to XNUMX percent of the society may have permanent or temporary restrictions in mobility or perception (e.g. people moving with crutches, walking sticks, walking frames, dentures, wheelchairs), deaf, visually impaired, with manual and cognitive difficulties (e.g. after a stroke, suffering from Alzheimer's) . At the same time, the availability of space - physical, digital, communication, services and products – grows too slow in Poland. Experiences resulting from the implementation of the pilot project entitled The "Małopolska Incubator of Social Innovations" for incubation of social innovations showed that in individuals, informal groups or small non-governmental organizations, private or public entities there is a great potential in the area of social innovation, it only has got to be released and properly managed. That is why we are launching another project giving creative and brave people a chance to test their ideas in practice. As part of the competition, anyone interested (a natural person, company, public institution, non-governmental organization and others) will be able to submit their innovative idea to the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow in the form of a Grant Application. The call for proposals will take place in February XNUMX. The call will be posted on the Incubator’s website Submitted idea should present an effective, innovative solution that responds to real social needs, increases social potential for action and leads from the idea to its implementation.
The most interesting ideas will be refined and tested thanks to the financial support of the Incubator. Therefore, don't wait. Get started today with the offer of the Accessibility Incubator at the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow.

Anita Parszewska
ROPS Krakow

Since 2016 he has been managing the department of social innovations at the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow. He coordinates projects such as the Malopolska Incubator for Social Innovation (recognized as good practice by INTERREG and ECORYS) and the Accessibility Incubator. For over 7 years, he has been involved in creating modern social policy. Has experience as a moderator of conferences, seminars and forums in the field of Social Funds and social innovations, as well as a lecturer.