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About the Life Science Open Space event

The Life Science Open Space is a conference dedicated to connecting life science and innovation, following a formula which allows for interdisciplinary interaction amongst seekers, solvers, inventors, developers, investors, customers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The main objectiveof the event is to promote the innovative interdisciplinary collaboration in the area of ​​life science by:

  • presentations of concrete technology and / or cooperation offers,
  • presentations of capabilities, needs and ideas,
  • networking and direct partnering-type meetings with people representing a variety of interests.

Specific interest tracks seek for cross-fertilization of clinical innovations in areas such as mHealth, eHealth, telemedicine, diagnostics, personalized medicine, lifestyle, beauty and healthy aging, nutrition and life science design and others.

"Open space" relates to the concept of "open innovation" which encourages collaboration and promotes active use of knowledge and capabilities

Want to participate?

You may want to present or listen to focused pitches concerning a specific technology or innovation then be ready for face-to-face meetings and dialogue within an international community representing a variety of cooperating interests.


Whom we expect?

LSOS event is an international conference organized by LifeScience Krakow Cluster for the Members and Partners, who would like to take an active part and present their technology or capabilities in order to rise awareness and generate opportunities for future collaborations.

In this respect the event embodies a knowledge marketplace for the Life Science Innovations and is open to the international community of clusters partnering with LifeScience Krakow.

Solution seekers              have challenge, look for solution from partners

Solution providers         have specific competence, look for challenges

Inventors                              have a great idea, look for further co-development

Developers                           have great app, look for further co-development

Investors                               have money, look for investment opportunity

Scientists                               have knowledge, look for challenges

Contractors                   have business, look for business opportunities

Patients                                   have health record, look to share experience

Active persons                   have fitness record, look to share experience

LSOS is organized in a way to ensure maximum of interaction between participants.