An integrated platform enabling data archiving

The number of patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICDs) and cardiac-defibrillator (CRT-Ds) resynchronization devices continues to increase. Adequate outpatient control after implantation is the most important factor for monitoring the patient's condition and optimizing the function of the device. The increasing burden of cardiology outpatient clinics due to planned and unplanned visits may soon cause healthcare system failure. To avoid overloading the cardiology outpatient clinics, a remote monitoring (RM) system has been introduced worldwide to monitor patients with ICD and CRT-D. The fact that implantable devices are produced by several different manufacturers and the lack of an integrated platform enabling easier and summary analysis and interpretation of data significantly hinders the full use of the huge potential of this powerful remote monitoring tool. Six hundred consecutive patients with ICDs or CRT-Ds were randomized to a classic controlled arm or to a telemetry arm. The primary clinical endpoint will be a composite point and will consist of deaths from all causes and unplanned cardiovascular hospitalization within 12 months from randomization. The original final technical point will be the creation and evaluation of an integrated platform for collecting data from RM systems of various manufacturers.

The purpose of the presentation of our project is to share with the conference recipients two basic messages: firstly, the possibility of creating interdisciplinary cooperation in medicine with an IT partner, which results in an innovative tool for improving the care of patients with heart failure. Secondly, an attempt to make contact with partners who have experience in the promotion of innovative products, especially in medicine.

Meet the presenter:

Mateusz Tajstra


Doctor of medical sciences Mateusz Tajstra, specialist in internal medicine, cardiologist. Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze.