Selective biogas separation

The goal of the undertaking is to examine and then introduce on the domestic and European market technologies of selective biogas separation. In view of the growing market demand for biogas processing technologies that do not focus only on desulphurisation installations, we have decided to start construction of a pilot research installation. This installation with a capacity of 1 kg / h is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide selectively against carbon dioxide and methane. Hydrogen sulfide removal will be carried out by chemical absorption methods with activated amine solutions. After removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas, methane will be separated from carbon dioxide by subsequent adsorption. The final product of the installation will be high purity biomethane and a stream of carbon dioxide.

This technology is intended for high-volume production and is an excellent alternative to classic CHP systems so widely used on the European market. The advantages of this technology are the possibility of any methane utilization (e.g. for synthesis) and allows recovery of the CO2 stream which can be successfully used on farms as gas fertilizer or traditionally compressed and packaged for cylinders.

At the moment, the executive documentation of the pilot installation consisting of a biogas generator with the specified composition, absorption columns and regenerator, separation node, thermal utilization system for gas by-products and molecular sieve node has been developed. A hydrogen sulfide synthesis reactor was also constructed and some control and measurement systems were completed. We plan to complete the pilot plant construction by mid-next year and start testing in the 3 quarter. The project is financed from our own resources.

Offer purpose:
  • introduction on the European market of the technology of selective separation of biogas components;
  • we are looking for institutions, companies or organizations interested in cooperation in the field of research, construction work;
  • we offer large-volume technology of alternative use of biogas plant products.

Meet the presenter:

Radoslaw Kmieć

Selective biogas separation

A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, process engineer, designer, many years of experience in designing industrial installations in the field of process and assembly issues, experience in the implementation of investments and maintenance of industrial installations, owner of an engineering office dealing in the design of chemical and refinery equipment in the field of media transport, heat transfer and mass transfer.