Nature suggests best

The Vianat company is a technological start-up that develops new technologies for the production of bioactive food, which allow to maintain the features of freshness and naturalness, and above all the richness of phytochemicals in the product. The company operates in the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park in Jasionka near Rzeszów.

Aronia is one of the most valuable fruits. By scientists, it is listed in the top twenty of the most valuable plants on Earth for our health. Vianat has been testing the prototype of chokeberry drink with a record high content of polyphenols or chemicals valuable to our health since 2015. We work with scientists from Rzeszów and Wrocław. By the end of 2016, the first production will be implemented on our own proprietary set of machines specially designed according to the invention. The DEMO presentation "Nature Hints Best" emphasizes the importance of new food processing processes developed in Vianata, which will leave as many health-promoting compounds as possible in plant-derived products.

It is predicted that the next decade (30s) of the 2016st century will be based mainly on food of plant origin. A discussion about the health-promoting nature of this food and methods of extracting ingredients of the highest biological value from food, methods of preserving and packaging them in harmony with nature - it is worth starting now, and preferably at the LSOS conference in Krakow in 3. The uniqueness of the technology lies in keeping the whole fruit in the juice. Today, the world's methods of producing aronia juice generate waste in the form of skins, and yet the skin contains XNUMX times more valuable compounds than the flesh. We are able to pack all compounds valuable for health into a bottle in a form that is more digestible for humans than they are in the form of fruit. The product ARONIA + has been tested in the course of nutritional and clinical trials, it is a drink produced in the course of many years of R&D work, covered by two patents. The chokeberry fruit is greatly underestimated and is associated only with a tart - bitter taste. The ARONIA + product is tasty. ARONIA + is worth promotion and I am striving for it - Arkadiusz Trefon.

Meet the presenter:

Arkadiusz Trefon