Materials for the Polish Heart Support System

The abstract concerns the subject of the project, which we implement together with the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery. prof. Zbigniew Religa in Zabrze.

The aim of the project is to minimize the formation of life-threatening thromboembolism in the pulsatile heart support chamber, by using a new biomimetic heart valve based on metal-polymer composites.

The main purpose of the research is the modified surface of thin-film materials applied to the polymer substrate, which is a microenvironment for the capture and controlled differentiation of stem cells obtained by the appropriate proportion of internal stress and optimized surface stiffness. The surfaces are dedicated to the Polish ReligaHeart heart support system.

The project is financed from funds received from the National Center for Research and Development. "Development of an innovative bioactive heart valve prosthesis".
The project implemented in the Consortium consisting of:
Consortium Leader: Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development Zbigniew Religa
Consortium members:

  • Silesian Center for Heart Diseases, Zabrze
  • Institute of Metallurgy and Material Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków
  • FRK "INTRA-CORDIS" Sp. z o. o

Meet the presenter:

Roman Major

Materials for the Polish Heart Support System

Doctor habilitated engineer Roman Major, employee Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering in. Aleksander Krupkowski Polish Academy of Sciences, deals with biomedical engineering in particular materials for contact with blood. The work is focused on the development of material support systems of the Religa Heart type. We participated in the Polish Artificial Heart Program.