Dentist or detective

The main goal of the project is to present to a wider audience the possibilities of diagnostics and treatment of diseases rarely associated with a visit to the dentist. Pathologies of the temporomandibular joint, headaches, bruxism, recurrent sports injuries, sleep apnea, and even depression or decreased self-esteem ... Holistic approach to the patient, modern diagnostic techniques and innovative methods of dental treatment allow for risk assessment or diagnosis, among others of the above diseases and the use of appropriate therapy.

The project covers both Krakow and the whole of southern Poland. Foreign cooperation is also possible. The project is permanent.

The offer is addressed to both individuals and companies dealing with broadly understood prophylaxis and health promotion. We are looking for partners for cooperation, as well as interns willing to raise their qualifications. Our goal is to raise the level of patients' awareness of the impact of oral health on the entire body. We offer the possibility of direct familiarization with modern diagnostic devices. We present an innovative orthodontic treatment system - Invisalign. We offer problem-oriented consultations and solutions tailored to the expectations and previous experience.

Meet the presenter:

Anna Woźniacka

Anna Woźniacka

Medical Consultant, Project Manager at 3G Dentist Dental Clinic.
A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, she spent the last year of her studies in Germany at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich. A specialist in family medicine as well as balneology and physical medicine. As a family doctor, he provides holistic care for both adult patients and children. Since 2016, she has been supporting the 3G Dentist Clinic in terms of content, she is also involved in creating the image of the surgery and cooperation with foreign centers. He has extensive experience in dealing with foreigners, he is an active member of Vasco da Gama Movement and other world organizations of family doctors.
He loves to travel and meet new people, willingly cooks and organizes parties, loves animals and long walks.

We invite you to listen to the entire presentation during this year's edition
Life Science Open Space.
19.10.2016, godz. 9:00-20:00
ICE Congress Center ul. Maria Konopnicka 17 Cracow