Ardigen - bioinformatics in precision and personalized medicine

Ardigen is a Polish bioinformatics company that combines science with advanced technologies to support Life Science & Healthcare organizations that use huge amounts of data on the way to new solutions for personalized medicine. We started our activity in 2008 as a bioinformatics branch of Selvita, the largest Polish biotechnology company. Now we are a separate entity, a member of the Selvita Capital Group, fully focused on professional Bio-IT services. Over the years, our team has gained the trust of many customers.

Ardigen uniquely combines the skills of experienced IT teams with the creative approach of biologists and chemists. Our main advantage is the interdisciplinary team, consisting of world-class bioinformatics, mathematicians, statisticians, scientists and programmers.

We are convinced that advanced information technologies are essential in the Life Science & Healthcare industries. Advanced technologies are what allows us to reach the knowledge contained in petabytes of data collected from various research institutes or clinics. The marriage of scientific potential with the possibilities offered by modern information technologies in the hands of our top-class IT specialists and programmers, opens up a huge, completely new area of ​​technological solutions and services supporting our partners.

Ardigen therefore offers a unique opportunity to become part of interdisciplinary teams, create new visions and approaches to a better understanding and application of science in personalized medicine.

The algorithm era is approaching. Turning data into knowledge becomes the most desirable skill.
In conjunction with biological and medical sciences, it allows creating IT solutions supporting the work of laboratories and breaking existing barriers in the fight against the most dangerous diseases for humans.

Think about how you would like to change the world? We already know. We want to reach the knowledge contained in petabytes of information collected by lab technicians, research centers, clinics and hospitals. We want to give the world solutions that will change the world for the better. The employment offer is directed to highly qualified specialists in the field of bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics, broadly understood Life Sciences as well as programmers. We also offer the possibility of undergoing apprenticeships or internships for students of the abovementioned directions in which employment is possible. People who join the Ardigen ranks have guaranteed participation in interesting projects, a friendly working atmosphere, full support from the team and superiors, as well as a wide range of employee benefits.

Meet the presenter:

Kaja Milanowska

Ardigen - bioinformatics in precision and personalized medicine

Doctor of biological sciences in the discipline of biology, specializing in bioinformatics. Senior scientist (from February 2016) at Ardigen SA - a bioinformatics company, as well as an assistant professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Django programmer, expert in analyzing data from next generation sequencing. Former co-owner of the bioinformatics company - VitaInSilica. A lover of women in business and IT - that's why she initiated and co-organizes PyLadies Poland meetings, and has already mentored Django Girls meetings at 4.
Addicted to sport, so in my free time I train running, mainly long mountain runs, but I will not despise a ride on a road bike.