Patent thicket - how it arises and how to find it

The aim of the presentation is to show which kind of the IP service fit to the development phase of the project to gain the most effective way in IP protection. More specifically it will show how to use IP tools in project management on each development phase.
It is a known fact that TRL includes 9 levels of technological readiness, starting from basic research and ending at implementation of solutions. However, do entrepreneurs have a knowledge at what stage of the development of advanced technology patent attorney assistance is as a useful and effective support? The purpose of this presentation will be to identify IP tools that can be used to develop patent clear technologies.
Different types of patent search and analysis available to develop technologies will be presented. Moreover, IP protection strategy will be discussed, ie when and how to protect own inventions.

The audience should be mainly the project managers, R&D stuff, project coordinators, scientists.

JWP is offering the services in all IP aspects, supporting the creators of inventions. The service within the invention field covers patent search and analysis, patent drafting, proceeding and protection all over the World.

Iwona Płodzich-Hennig
JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys Dorota Rzążewska