The demand for relevant knowledge and skills changes all the time. So as to deal with it, people, entrepreneurs and managers need to be equipped with a set of key competences. Education and training play a crucial role in enabling people to develop these competences. Considerable proportion of overall learning and competence development takes place in reference to the job.

MARR SA conducts three projects dedicated to personal development:

1 / mBON - project's goal: improving qualifications and competences of Małopolska entrepreneurs and their employees. MARR offers funding for: trainings, post-graduate studies, e-learning, consulting services, exams that improve both employees and potential entrepreneurs qualifications (co-financing up to 50% or 80%).

2 / Akademia Menadżera (Manager's Academy) - project's goal: increasing accessibility of development services for SMEs from 3 regions: Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie by increasing the competences of the managerial staff, ie enterprise employees who work as an executive management. MARR offers co-financing for: diagnosis of development needs and development services that enhance managerial competences.

3 / Akademia Sukcesu (The Academy of Success) - project's goal: improving competitiveness and productivity of enterprises by increasing the availability of high-quality, specialist, development-oriented consulting services. MARR offers co-financing for consultancy services in the fields of: business management, monitoring and forecasting market trends, the use of modern ICT / IT, implementing quality management systems and environmental management, obtaining compliance certificates, intellectual property protection, elaborating specialist documents to apply for funding under the Framework Program.


Anna Sowa-Jadczyk