FDM method

InPhoCat - Innovative Photocatalytic Solutions Sp. z o. o. is a spin-out company, operating on the market since 2015. The company is working on development and implementation of technologies revealed, among others, at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University in the Group of Photocatalysis. Since the beginning, it has cooperated with CITTRU, JU. The company participates in several research and development activities commissioned by external companies, which most often apply for EU funds to cover the costs of their innovative ideas. InPhoCat also cooperates with foreign companies interested in improving and implementing technologies and solutions used to eliminate organic and microbial pollution of water, air and surfaces. Knowledge and experience is the company's strength. The creators and management of the company are scientists who also care about implementation of their inventions.

We have built our own laboratory, fully equipped with research and control equipment. We have a qualified staff. We develop solutions tailored to individual customer needs. One of the goals of InPhoCat is to develop a technology for an effective application of modified zinc oxide to the surface of textiles that gives them bacteriostatic properties. The main innovation was to find a way to attach the active material to fibers which could not be washed out during washing - the active material should stick at the treated textile for at least several cycles of washing, rinsing and ironing. Another goal was to develop a fabric softener that would renew the antibacterial coating of textile materials. The joint efforts of InPhoCat and the business partner moved the project to the phase of implementation tests. Bacteriostatic properties of modified textile materials have been positively verified in an accredited external microbiological laboratory. Currently, product optimization is carried out, as well as intensive washing tests, assessments of activity and durability of the innovative solutions.

Wojciech Macyk
Jagiellonian university