Bin-e increases the efficiency of many links of the recycling chain which is an essential part of a circular economy. It increases the recycling rate and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills. The device simplifies recycling by ensuring correctly sorted waste in places where an efficient waste segregation is difficult to introduce. Bin-e enables the optimization of waste management processes including adjusted waste disposal times, reduced costs and frequency of waste collection, and lower COXNUMX emissions of waste transport.

Bin-e is a smart bin that fully relieves the user of waste segregation. The device recognizes, sorts and compresses the waste automatically. It is designed for offices and public places, where it's difficult to introduce an efficient waste segregation system. Bin-e identifies the type of waste thanks to an AI-based recognition system and throws it in the relevant fraction. The compression module decreases the volume of paper and plastic. The device collects data about the processed objects and sends it onto a cloud. An IoT-Platform allows to manage the device conveniently. Bin-e enables the optimization of waste management operations and reduces their costs. It simplifies recycling and provides high-quality raw material for recycling. Bin-e is a perfect solution for public buildings, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Wojciech Łyszczak