Environmental protection is our duty, although it seems that these words have a little meaning in today's consumer society. We produce waste mountains, and their main component are plastics. This is the problem that we are fighting with. But when we do not understand Our enemy, it is difficult to win. Are we aware of the danger that this seemingly harmless-looking material brings to us. The material that we use to produce a huge part of today's goods? Oceans and seas are covering already nearly XNUMX% of the globe. Drinking water is only XNUMX% of all waters and its quality is really surprising. Is plastic micro-particles a significant component of it?

The aim of the presentation is to reach the recipient and change his attitude, drawing attention to the problem of microplastics for the environment and directly for humans. WESSLING can be a partner for anyone who wants to take a problem and actively counteract the threat. 

The company deals with such analyzes, performs them in many matrices and is one of the few European laboratories that have equipment and, above all, knowledge on how to do it. The company also offers advice and consulting to its clients.

Rafał Łazanowski

Rafał Łazanowski is a business development manager at WESSLING Polska. Associated with the company since 2016. During his career he has worked on remediation projects, IED baseline reports, analysis of ground and water samples. Currently he is focused on emission measurements branch and the Breeam certifications. Human impact on the environment was present also in his life before, throughout the products for energy-saving and passive constructions. In private life a travel enthusiast and a man addicted to adrenaline. A big fan of winter sports and canyoning. Italy is the place where he recharges battery before next challenges.