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The Polish pharmaceutical market abounds in increasing amounts of ongoing and planned clinical trials. A great success for the development of this branch of industry is to elaborate an appropriate model of cooperation with healthcare units which can conduct these trials. A lot of things are happening on the border of healthcare service and the pharmaceutical industry - in clinical trial sector. There are more and more new sites which specialise only in conducting clinical trials - they are very good in their field thanks to specialized staff and appropriate equipment. But is that enough? I think that no. But why? Because "real" and the most needy patient primarly exist in public healthcare units. Moreover - the fight of the patient continues. Public healthcare units do not want to give their patients to private sites and the patient is often afraid to leave his first healthcare center for the benefit from the private site with clinical trials only. Until such fight takes place, all entities involved in the search of patients will be a developmental brake for each other. Until we do not allow small hospitals and outpatient clinics to participate in clinical trials (and we will not provide them substantive support, including the provisioning of trained or training staff), we will not release the recruitment potential which Poland has. What is more - by not giving these units access to clinical trials, for some patients we will close the opportunity to benefit from innovative treatment - at a global level - probably forever. The idea which I would like to present could allow the multifaceted development of our country by: strengthening our cooperation with large pharmaceutical companies with huge capital, opening the possibility of additional financing for small healthcare units, giving patient access for free and modern therapies, often extending or saving their lives, which our country is not able to finance for this moment. By building support tool for involving healthcare units in clinical trials conducting we will level Poland up to Western Europe countries where participation in clinical trails is their daily activities and determinant of healthcare development.

Purpose: involving small units of healthcare in clinical trials conducting Activities: information meetings, face to face trainings, online trainings, access to training application, employment of administrative staff, establish contacts between Sites and Sponsors, search projects for Sites.
perform information meetings for 50 Sites
arrange face to face trainings for 30 Sites
create online training for hospitals' personnel
create application for knowledge support and online trainings
hire clinical trial coordinator for 30 Sites
prepare hospitals' offers for clinical trials Sponsors
Implementation time - about 3 years
Planned budget 1 500 000 PLN

The main cause of cooperation in presented project is to find proper source of financing planned actions. As it was partialy described before, the cooperation is focused to find good partner from:
- clinical trial industry as a training specialist;
- graphics industry to support general tasks connected with visual part of the project (web page, healthare providers offers as leaflets, posters, portfolio, platform with training online);
- programming industry to build training platform and training aplication;
- recruitment agency to support recruitment process in active healthcare Sites;
- creative industry to support in creation materials for training online.

The primary benefit connected with cooperation in proposed project is long term involvement in project realization. What is more - this cooperation will be connected with adequate salary, development in the clinical trials field and - what is the most important from the social usefulness point of view - participation in changes and progress in Polish healthcare system at the European level and improving the quality of patients treatment.

Aldona Bacior
Self Initiative

Clinical Research Associate from 5 years (work for several CRO and pharmaceutical companies).
Passionate about her work, very much involved in the process of searching for new research centers in Poland, with the greatest success so far, which was the launch of several clinical (oncological) trials in one of the largest provincial hospitals in Podkarpacie.
Involved in raising awareness of clinical trials in social media, support for students and other young people in searching first job in clinical trials industry.