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The Vanguard Initiative is a new network of strong regions collaborating on industrial innovation. It aims to combine the different strengths of its member regions, in order to build globally competitive European industrial value chains. It is a unique framework for thematic collaboration between companies and knowledge institutes across Europe, helping them to bring innovations to the market and supporting companies to integrate them in their processes.

Wim De Kinderen is the co-leader of the “High Performance through 3D Printing” Pilot Project within the Vanguard Initiative. He will introduce the conference participants to the thematic initiative and offer insight to them on the way for Malopolska region – one of Vanguard Initiative’s members – and its economic and innovation stakeholders to join the exercise. He will equally present possibilities to initiate life science specific subprojects within the 3D Printing Pilot Project.

Wim De Kinderen
Brainport Development

Wim De Kinderen is currently (since 2009) employed within the Brainport Eindhoven EU Office in Brussels, representing the City of Eindhoven, Brainport Development and other economic stakeholders towards fellow regions and the European Institutions. In this role he is responsible for policy lobbying, networking/communication and project development. Within Brainport Development, he is part of the Strategy Department.
In his previous career, he has mainly been involved in regional development issues in Belgium. First as the Province of Antwerp RDA’s European Social Fund expert for the Objective 2 region ‘Kempen’, later as the director of the Regional Socio-Economic Committee for the same ‘Kempen’ region. In between he has been an advisor (‘chef de cabinet adjoint’) to the Belgian federal government on socio-economic and budget policy topics.
He is holding master diplomas in International Politics, European Politics and Public Management.
He is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), French and English.
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