Strona główna Partners Klaster LifeScience Kraków

Klaster LifeScience Kraków

Bobrzynskiego 14 Str. 30-348 Kraków;    T: +48 12 297 4 605;   M: +48 504 106 466;;   klaster < at >


The Life Science Open Space event have been developed in the Klaster to support efforts aimed to promote Open Innovation  as the pragmatic concept to be explored by members of the life science community.  Since 2008 LifeScience Klaster has been giving the way and organizing the event with help of cluster members and supported by sponsors.

The Life Science Kraków network have been established in year 2006 as the collaborative project of institutions from Malopolska Region, representing six areas of interests: biotechnology and life science business (BioF), research & development (R&D, science and education (Edu), healthcare (Med), business support (Biz) and local government (Gov) actively guiding and facilitating the cooperation at the regional level.  LSKK is the perfect exemplification of the Triple Helix cooperation.

LSKK is managed and administered as the regional enterprise by the Foundation Klaster LifeScience Krakow,  which is the not-for-profit organisation established by regional public and private entities. The office of the LSKK is located in Life Science Technology Park and Bioincubator in Krakow developed and managed by Jagiellonian Center of Innovation.

LSKK is the research driven type of cluster aming to achieve following mission:

  • To create and sustain The LifeScience Network to enable effective global connectivity and the optimization of existing potential of individuals and organizations.
  • To support innovation and to encourage effective commercialization of research results in the Life Science field.
  • To develop the resources and competences in the life science sector in order to effectively explore existing and future opportunities related to development of a knowledge-based economy.