THE BIOECONOMY OPEN SPACE and EXHIBITION Project will check what is the impact of different activities upon the bioeconomy.

Foundation Klaster LifeScience Krakow, in cooperation with the European Federation of Biotechnology, cordially invite Interested Organisations to take part in the Bioeconomy Open Space’n Exhibition Project joined with ECB2016 Bioeconomy Highlighted Session to be held on July 5 as part of ECB2016 event. The aim of the project is to identify best practices and showcase “input and impact upon bioeconomy” on the part of major European and international stakeholders – organizations, individual companies and large projects. The presentation will include innovative products and services, projects, programs and initiatives.

Invited entities representing business, science and policy sectors, are approached to prepare and present (in the form of infographics) selected facts and numbers related to their activities which impact the field of bioeconomy. Large-format charts[1] will be printed and exhibited at the ECB2016 Bioeconomy Open Space & Exhibition. Authors will be invited to participate in the Bioeconomy Highlighted Session and will have the opportunity to defend presented concepts at the opening ceremony (vernissage) evening on July 5. The event will be accompanied by a standing party and live music.

Following ECB2016, all the infographics will be presented at other highlighted events in Poland, including the Economic Forum in Krynica (September 2016). They will also be promoted on the Internet and social media networks, and supported with a GoogleAds campaign worth 10,000 USD. The Bioeconomy Open Space & Exhibition will be open to all ECB participants.

All logistics, including printout, production and transport of charts, and set-up of the exhibition, will be handled by Foundation KLSK.

Costs, selection process and logistics:

  • The project participation fee is €850 per organization. This fee will cover printout and logistics, participation of two persons in the Bioeconomy Highlighted session and Open Space & Exhibition event on July 5, and an oral presentation defending the presented concept.


  • In order to be accepted you need to register your organization and submit a conceptual abstract of the presentation. The deadline for abstracts has been extended till April 30.


Smiley Buttons Rot Gelb GrnWithin two weeks the abstract will be reviewed and verified against the subject and quality criteria, and participation will be formally confirmed (or discussed with the Author). Accepted proposals will receive instructions regarding submission of graphics, attendee registration and payment.

The last step is to prepare and upload infographic, i.e. the graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. The aim to employ infographics here is to improve cognition and understanding by utilizing graphics that enhance the receiver’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Green Nature Infographics

The file should be prepared in highres ready for print. Instructions will be given to make sure the size and quality meet the requirements. The last step is to register attendees and pay the fee.

Register your interest now and receive instructions how to proceed.

[1] Rollup size: 200×250


The European Congress on Biotechnology is the leading conference for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe, organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology. As a sequel to the highly acclaimed 16th European Congress on Biotechnology in Edinburgh, July 2014, the Scientific Programme in the Krakow Congress will include:

  • Plenary lectures by stellar speakers who are leading biotechnological developments
  • 25 symposia that span all colours of biotechnology
  • A fully-integrated Eurobiotech programme highlighting top Central European biotechnology
  • Invited speakers who are world leaders in their fields
  • Satellite events on the opening day of the Congress, Sunday 3 July 2016
  • 200 short talks selected from submitted abstracts for symposia or satellite events
  • Trade exhibition
  • Poster sessions located close to the Trade exhibition
  • Opportunities to hear about developments in the Asian Federation of Biotechnology
  • Highlight events that focus on current challenges and controversies
  • A Publications Workshop to help young biotechnologists publish their work in leading journals
  • An “Open Space” event to bring innovative ideas to the attention of industry
  • Meeting point with refreshments throughout the day

All of the above will be hosted in the state–of–the–art EXPO Krakow Congress Centre.