Prodrobot at FIME 2019 Miami Beach USA and the premiere of a large version of the robot for adults!

This year the largest medical trade fair in both Americas FIME takes place in Miami on June 26-28. This is a place where you can get contacts with companies from around the world presenting innovative devices and meet many specialists in the field of healthcare. Over 1000 exhibitors from 100 countries will appear, including a large representation from Poland. Prodromus together with Prodrobot invites you to its booth no V58.

At the moment, an Automated Gait Trainer is a medical device dedicated to the rehabilitation of children. In fact, working with a robot is not related to age but the patient’s height. Adjustable orthoses have the ability to adjust the length to a height of 110-150 cm. And what about the bigger patients?

Prodrobot currently works in over a dozen pediatric centers around the world. Patients would like to continue training when they grow out of the current version. In the case of many diseases, rehabilitation is necessary for many years, and sometimes even the whole life. Thanks to the fact that patients and physiotherapists are satisfied with the effects of mechanical rehabilitation, the appearance of an adult version is announced this year.

Prodrobot XL will be designed for patients over 140 cm tall and for much more weight. The principle of operation based on the loaded gait pattern and the selection of exercises with variable speed and range of motion remains unchanged. However, due to the much larger forces transferred, the control mechanisms must be created anew. In addition, the new version of the robot assumes adding of a patient placement system in the device. All new features are meant to be a response to the practical needs of patients and doctors.

The largest US trade show and new larger robot is the perfect reason to meet Prodromus in the Miami Beach Convention Center.