Strona główna News Prodrobot – Automated Gait Trainer for pediatrics | KIMES Seoul 2019

Prodrobot – Automated Gait Trainer for pediatrics | KIMES Seoul 2019

Prodrobot is an active medical device for the rehabilitation of lower limbs with gait dysfunctions. Prodromus – Polish producer of Prodrobot invites you to stand no A732 at KIMES Trade Fair in Seoul 14-17th March.

KIMES is a great chance to meet future medical industry trends where 1,200 domestic and overseas manufacturers show the new technology and new products. This International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show will take place in COEX in Seoul. The participants will include physiotherapists, doctors, distributors of medical equipment, owners of rehabilitation centers, scientists and everyone interested in modern technologies in medicine from around the World.

Prodromus will present the main product – Prodrobot – dedicated for children suffering from paraplegia, muscle stiffness, cerebral palsy, muscular diseases and etc. In the device several exercises are available with adjustable intensity: walking according to the gait pattern, swings, squats, riding a bicycle and going up the stairs. All exercises allow you to adjust the speed and motion range. Prodrobot also has an option to adjust the range and ankles of the motion in each joint to individual  patient with contractures. Beside this robot has advanced control software in case of spasticity events. At the moment over 20 robots are working for hundreds of patients across Europe and Asia.