Prodromus, a Polish manufacturer of Prodrobot, already known on the world market, announces the premiere of a new product – Prodrobot Magna. This project is modeled on an automated pediatric’s gait rainer. It is also a device for the rehabilitation of lower limbs of patients with gait dysfunctions, but in a new mechanical, electronic and software version.

What’s new in Prodrobot Magna?

First of all, Prodrobot Magna is aimed for larger patients, between 140 and 200 cm tall and weighing up to 130 kg. Magna has a patient positioning system consisting of a wheelchair ramp, harness and comprehensive patient body support. Database software allows storing patient data as well as their specific robot settings. This allows to automatically adjust the orthesis to the person exercising. The built-in analysis system generates a statistical and diagnostic report after each rehabilitation session and gives the therapist an advanced tool for work.

Checked functionalities

The new robot also has the ability to perform 5 types of exercises based on the uploaded gait pattern with adjustable speed and range of motion. Prodrobot is adapted to work with patients with contractures, this time it is possible to set incomplete angular work independently for both legs. Another feature is the anti-spastic system, it is part of the security system. In the event of a sudden spasm in the patient, the robot stops immediately allowing the therapist to help and control the patient’s condition. There are many safeguards at the mechanical, electronic and program level, because patient safety and comfort is the priority of a well-designed medical device.

Other development plans of the company for 2020

The company’s second goal, apart from developing the product offer, is to expand into further export markets. In 2020, Prodromus will perform as an exhibitor at several European events in the medical industry. The international trade fair is the best opportunity to establish new business contacts with equipment distributors, research facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as to reach patients.

Calendar of trade fair events

Prodrobot begins its promotion in March at the European Neuro Convention in the United Kingdom. We invite you on March 17th and 18th to the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. The next European stop is Bologna in Italy, on 15-17th April Exposanita – Med Care Innovation will take place. In the fall, Prodromus will appear at Rehacare in Dusseldorf, Germany, on September 23-26th. Then, from October 7-10th, there will be the World Congress for neurorehabilitation for society of physical and rehabilitation medicine in Lyon, France. There will certainly be many other meeting opportunities and all plans will be published on the company’s website and fan page.

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