[dropcaps round=”no”][/dropcaps]Developing of systems that enable organizing the work of medical staff with patients in the mode of remote access through convenient interface, and conducting screening research among different population groups with the help of specialized computer means is the important trend in modern E-health systems. The design of specialized computer software for assuring the durable personalized patient health state monitoring with the possibility to analyze utterly important physiology indices (arterial pressure, heart rhythm and glucose content in blood) is also of significance.

To conduct the computer screening, modern programs and platforms such as Moodle, Claroline, Survey, Priska and etc. are used. For example, the screening research on the evaluation of life style and quality for secondary and university students in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus has been carried out within the framework of  international cooperation program on the Lime Survey platform in 2013-14. During the study, the attitude of students toward consumption of alcohol beverages, smoking, drugs, diet style, medical service and sport was revealed.

In the course of preventive and family medicine computerization, the informational and analytical system for personalized (individual) monitoring and durable surveillance for physiological and psycho-emotional human parameters in the mode of remote access has been developed. With the help of the mentioned system everyone is able to monitor his or her physiological parameters daily that is of high personal importance, and save them in the special database as “a health diary”. On the consent of a patient the family doctor could have the access to those data online, analyze them and correct treating methods. The development of such specialized program software enables increasing the efficiency of the E-healthsystems of different designation.

We are interested in following, joined activities:

  • Conducting of common screening research by electronic questioning of     respondents with the help of program means, such as  LimeSurvey, Moodle and etc. (The same study was carried out together with Polish partners (Bilostok, Suvalky) concerning healthy life style of youth as well as illnesses spreading (for example, asthma) with the purpose of comparing the states of these issues in different regions). Questionnaires were provided by Polish colleagues, although, there are present our own survey developments.

  • Computer analysis of biomedical signals, especially heart rate variability.

  • Evolving the systems of remote computer monitoring for human health indices (for example, specialized medical sensors, gadgets, telemedical systems of individual usage for durable monitoring of human health state (pressure, pulse, glucose level and etc.) for risk groups or aged people aimed at improving life quality).

  • Developing and implementing of medical information systems in medical institutions.

  • Creating of shared medical medium for information circulation.

  • The development of sensors for the different temperaturenanocalorimetry biomedical designation.


Meet the presenter: Oleg Dorosh,  National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
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