[dropcaps round=”no”] [/dropcaps]Science is all about discoveries. Findings of varying importance, scale and meaning are published every year in peer-reviewed publications. Scientific research is highly dynamic and in 2013 alone 1,500,000 papers were published worldwide.

Science is also about funding. In 2013 governments, companies and charities invested an estimate of 1trillion US dollars in research. That means that the average cost of a new peer-reviewed discovery amounted to over 650,000 US dollars.

Unfortunately, only a small proportion of research costs is compensated. Though not all discoveries can be commercialised, even exploitable ones often do not make it to the market. We believe that part of this problem is poor knowledge transfer between academic institutions and companies or people with the ability to commercialize solutions.

Sciently is a new global initiative that aims to address this problem. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration with the Life Science sector. We search for new solutions to problems reported by companies. We act as a help centre for those wishing to implement discovery. Our aim is to help scientific research reach the market and address customer needs more effectively.



  • Our initiative aims to improve knowledge transfer and, consequently, increase RoI (return on investment) rates in the Life Sciences domain.

  • Sciently is looking for collaborators who would broaden our team’s expertise.

  • We wish to reach out to companies which lack a scientific background but would like to shift their business towards Life Sciences.

  • Due to the individual character of our services, each collaboration project is unique. We approach our clients in a customised fashion.


Meet the presenter: Dominika Trembecka-Lucas, Sciently
e-mail: Dominika@sciently.eu.com