The essence of the idea is the application of N-sulfonated derivative of polyallylamine (polymer) in the form of nasal sprays for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases caused by influenza virus type A (IAV) and human metapneumovirus (hMPV).

Constantly, there is a need to get new solutions  to fight against IAV, because the available drugs have a relatively limited effectiveness and some influenza strains are resistant to such treatment. On the other hand, although every year many cases of infections caused by human metapneumovirus (hMPV) are reported, to date there is no commercially available drug inhibiting replication of the pathogen.

The in vitro and ex vivo studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the polymer in the inhibition of infections caused by above mentioned viruses. Developed N-sulfonated polyallylamine is characterized by a strong antiviral activity and a lack of cytotoxicity. What is more, its physico-chemical properties are much better than the iota-carrageenan which recently has been introduced on the market in some European countries.

The way in which we want to further develop the idea: the analysis of efficacy and safety of the distribution in vivo, preclinical studies, clinical trials. These objectives will be implemented within the framework of  research and development studies.
Paying particular attention to implementation issues, it is expected that a business partner participates in the study. Direct benefit for business partner is the involvement in the project, right of pre-emption and partial right of intellectual property of the invention. Range of the benefits depens on the scope of activities of the partner.
It is also possible to get the license of the product at this stage, followed by interception of the research by commercial partner.

Meet the Presenter:

Justyna Ciejka, PhD student (Faculty of Chemistry, Jagellonian University)

Contact: +48 12 663 20 20, email: Justyna.ciejka [at ]