Our team has developed equipment and technology to provide surgical care for injuries, which reduces the time required to stop liver rupture bleed by 2-5 minutes. The surgeon is also able to quickly stop spleen rupture bleeds and perform operations on the pancreas while preserving the organ and its functions. We have obtained good results using our equipment to treat treatment of infected and chronic purulent wounds.

The technology is based on convection and infrared radiation stream, promoting hemostasis during surgical procedures. The moderate airflow temperature and the ability to adjust both the temperature and the relation between radiation and convective components of the stream (depending on the goals) prevent uncontrolled evaporation of water from tissues. This allows the hemostasis method to be applied in proximity to main blood vessels without the risk of damage. The device allows bloodless operations on the liver, pancreas and spleen. Wounds can be treated at different stages of infection, from inception up to 5 days or more. The hybrid equipment allows us to conduct operations without loss of blood  and permits repairing vessels with a diameter of 7-8 mm, as well as other living soft tissues.

Experimental investigation concerns pre-clinical tests of the contactless and hybrid thermal surgery technology for treatment of infected wounds, as well as the equipment permitting its application. Possible uses in medical practice at different levels of care will be presented as well.

We are interested in cooperation to further improve the equipment, in European certification, production and deployment of surgical techniques.

We are also interested in coordination of training sessions for medical engineering students.

 Meet the Presenter:

Prof. Igor Khudetskyy, Faculty of Biomedical EngineeringNational Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

tel: +380672830011, eMail: igor_kh [at ] mail.ru