Polish society is aging. According to the Central Statistical Office in 2030, population aged 60+/65+ will constitute 26.89% of the population (in 2010 this proportion accounted for 16.97%).In southern Poland (Lesser Poland  and Silesia) in 2030, the population aged 60+/65+ will constitute 27.48% of the population.

In humans, impairment of foot function occurs with age, causing pain and leading to the formation of overload within the bone and joint system, which leads to the formation of degenerative changes. Reduced mobility also occurs regardless of age in diabetic patients, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in humans with sensitive feet. People with reduced mobility represent a significant portion of the adult population of Poland.

Determination of the causes of these changes and ways to prevent them, among others, through the selection of footwear and inserts is still insufficient. Therefore, the Cracow Branch of the Institute of Leather Industry intends to organize the Lesser Poland Centre of Podology and Ergonomics which will have national reach and international cooperation.

The Centre will enable research in the field of podiatry, ergonomics and prevention in the field of foot health and the supply of orthopedic shoes, inserts and orthotics for people with ailments and deformities of the feet. Research conducted in the centre will form the basis for the development and implementation of modern orthopedic techniques, new design solutions for lasts, uniform procedures for studies of human motion system, etc.

The results of research and practical experience will allow to organise specialized training for the designing of lasts and orthopedic and comfortable footwear, to test methods and assessment of the health status of the lower extremities including biomechanical and material testing, as well as study of technology and performance of inserts, orthotics and footwear with the help of modern diagnostic tools and research equipment.

  1. We are looking for partners to create a consortium that would submit the project for funding under MROP from 2014 to 2020 and then participated in its implementation

  2. We are looking for partners to promote the project.


The offer will be presented by: Bożena Rajchel – Chyla, MSc

Head of Footwear Performance Department

Institute of Leather Industry, Kraków Branch

tel: (+48) 12-255-42-48

eMail: brajchel@ips.krakow.pl