The study concerns preparation and characteristics of a biodegradable glue for bone fracture restoration, as well as the latest bioglue technologies for the treatment of bone defects. The project is local and addresses synthesis of bioglues, their theoretical shortcomings and formation of adhesive formulations with fewer disadvantages.

The project is not yet ready for market deployment.  Improving the bioglue formulations involves work on reducing toxicity and increasing biocompatibility. The goal is to provide cutting-edge bioglue materials for the medical industry by creating easy-to-use formulas and professional marketing, with a view towards enhancing surgical practice, as well as developing bioglue formulas for application in extreme conditions, when hospital care is not available.

Improving bioglues with focus on reducingtheir toxicity and increasing biocompatibility.

Theoretical studies concerning composite bioglues.

Meet the Presenter: Pokizyak A. F., student of NTUU “KPI”, BM-31 gr.

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