Sustainable Agriculture and Food

Turning our attention to food in the context of health and quality of life

Ensuring sustainable development of agriculture and food production are one of the greatest challenges facing science and business, caused by dynamic population growth, changes in the way and structure of food consumption and the still unresolved problem of hunger on the planet. Keeping the balance in the long term must refer to four elements: ensuring economics, satisfying social needs, including care for health and quality of life and care for the state of the natural environment.

How to include all these elements in one product? What technologies allow you to safely increase the level of production, and which to reduce the amount of losses of agricultural and food production? Will traditional methods be replaced or only supplemented with new production and processing possibilities? Can mass production be both ecological and natural?

We are increasingly turning our attention to food in the context of health and quality of life – we know that to survive, do not just eat – you need to eat consciously products that add energy and health, produced in a way that does not damage the environment. To make this possible, we need knowledge and cooperation involving many fields of science, business and culture.

We invite you to the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Session in # LSOS2018

Session Leader: Hubert Kardasz

Hubert Kardasz



Dunajec Hall