Healthy House and Office

Ensure that our environment positively influences the improvement of health

We spend most of our time inside our buildings – in apartments, houses, offices, restaurants and other places. If we care about health and quality of life, it is obvious that our immediate environment should be a positive component of such a life. But how often we wonder how the place where we spend many hours, affects our health: what air we breath, to what kind and for how many allergens we are exposed, what light is optimal for what activities, in what position we stay for a long time, and what strenge position we must take on an occasional basis.

Such questions can be multiplied, which means that the home and office are a real challenge for those seeking better, health-oriented solutions. It is also an excellent training ground for the cooperation of specialists from various industries, from architects and designers, through chemists and physicists, and doctors and therapists, to computer scientists and behaviorists.

At #LSOS18, we take up the challenge and open a forum for cooperation, which would result in daily well-being, thanks to the positive impact of our environment. Who knows – maybe it will also be possible to make our surroundings have a real impact on improving health?

Session Leader: Irena Łobocka

Irena Łobocka



Dunajec Hall