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Among the challenges faced by new business ventures based on technological innovations (as well as non-technological ones) are those concerning the right place and way of showing up in order to establish beneficial relationships with potential partners. Poor contact with funds and low skills and experience in promoting the idea of ​​a startup are the main barriers both at the start and in further stages of development. The originators must be able and willing to establish direct relations with investors, Business Angels, Seed Funds and VC, even if they are not ready for a serious investment talk. Early contact with people who know the industry, market, barriers and opportunities can be both an element of preparation and verification of the idea of ​​a startup. Starters need to train and develop competences in the field of presenting the idea of ​​their business, and this can not be achieved without repeatedly presenting their ideas in different circumstances and contexts.

StartUp presentations have more than one purpose: they allow to get the opinion of third parties on an idea that always seems unusual to the author; they signal an interesting venture on the market, around which you need to constantly build the right aura and interest, or allow you to get partners for further action, both with financial and substantive contributions.

We are opening a stage for startups to enable them checking an idea, meeting the right people and establishing effective relationships, also with investors.

All participants take part in the competition for the best business presentation, in which the prize is the further promotion of StartUp before the international VC panel during the Dragons session at the “LSBC LifeScience Investments” conference.

Session Leader: Roland Kozlowski

Roland Kozłowski



Dunajec Hall