a special session intended to summarize #LSOS18 and provide the opportunity to meet successful innovators

Inspiration is an action or power that can move intellectually or emotionally – something intangible, which causes a new idea to be born or makes someone want to do something. To inspire means to transmit such power and to influence others to take action or to feel new emotions related to the possibility of action. In everyday rush, for purposes that we set ourselves, or which are imposed on us, sometimes we need to stop for a moment of reflection, detachment from current tasks and problems. It is then that the most often, and maybe only then, moments of inspiration occur to us and (new) creative enthusiasm is born.

On #LSOS18 you can find a lot of inspiration, but the evening session is planned only with this in mind: let’s get inspired by stories told by successful people and by music and dance, which catalyze positive emotions, let’s get inspired by the conversation about brings us together over a glass of Polish (!) wine in hand.

We invite you to the session INSPIRATIONS for success stories, Swing music and dance, combined with tasting of wines from Malopolska:

  • • Music and dance: Swing in this Charleston lesson (because anyone can dance)
  • • Announcement of awards for: The most interesting presentation, The best example of Open Innovation, The best StartUp
  • • Three short success stories talks
  • • Networking with Małopolska dishes and drinks

Leading: Michał Zalewski



Chamber Hall