Being a scientist in a global biopharma industry, during which Danuta Mossakowska, PhD will share her knowledge and international experience – she’s a person with long and rich career in global biopharmaceutical industry.

After completing her doctorate on biochemistry, she went on to become a Post-Doctoral Fellow with Professor Sir Alan Fersht at Imperial College London.  After two years, Professor Fersht relocated to Cambridge but Danuta was unable to move due to family reasons and so started a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. 

When an opportunity came up, she reapplied to Industry and got a job working with SmithKline Beecham (GSK).   Over the next few years she held a number of different positions of increasing responsibility including leading transnational teams as well as a department of over 50 people.  However this role took her too far from science, so when an opportunity came up, she moved into leading academic industry collaborations and has worked in that role for over 6 years. Throughout her career she has faced a number of difficult decisions and challenges and will describe them and how she overcame them during her talk. 

Presenter: Danuta Mossakowska, PhD

Industry Academic Collaborations leader and drug discovery expert.