Praca w młodym dynamicznym startupie

A Startup company has been founded by creative people based on an excellent idea. Financing has been settled and the first marketing plan has been implemented. Key success factor right from the beginning are to choose the right trademark both for the company and the product, to establish the right management process as well as knowledge-management. Excellent Communication to all stakeholders is as important as to establish sales skills and controlling. Create a motivated company by true leadership and don`t miss the right moment to change your company from an informal startup to a structured company. Learn more about the key success factors in this short presentation.

Take home message: True leadership in combination with the right management process for a well structured company are essential key success factors

To learn more about the key success factors of a start-up like leadership, teambuilding, organization, marketing, sales and trademarks and how to performe your startup right from the beginning. Supporting your start-up in developing a customized concept of growing is my vision. I invite you for a personal discussion about true leadership.

Ernst Plefka
EPconsult e.U

CEO of my own consultant company EPconsult e.U. with a longterm experience in Business Development, Teambuilding, Knowledge- and Change-Management. My vision is to support startups right from the beginning in developing a successful strategy.

My Slogan: To overcome boundaries as a Team