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Building Partnership (Network) for Wellness and Health involves a broad vision of creating an integrated system of education for health (lifelong education), methodologies, standard Centers of Health Promotion and technologies that promote well-being and good health. It is thus equivalent to the promotion of individual health (sport and recreation, work, supporting passion and pursuing improved quality of life), and society (family, shared work and leisure, community and the surrounding environment), leading to the revitalization of systems which would counteract the effects of climate change, as well as taking responsibility for human actions.

Combination of existing, atomized systems on the basis of synthesis, which is a unique competence of the Institute, resulting in cooperation and consolidation between different offerings. The goal of the Wellness Network is to increase the quality of services offered under the auspices of the Institute, providing the missing knowledge – a “bridge” between individual offerings.

The project invites partners from the health industry, NGOs, academic institutions, local governments and health promotion centers, sports and recreation, etc. (designed for people of all ages), including health-promoting technologies. The educational program aims to establish connections between different approaches to health and wellness, resulting in the co-creation of a Wellness System.The goal of this project is to assist in the creation of new jobs (consultants, system creators, network innovators), where knowledge sharing (education) leads to a network of educated members, resulting in a self-sustaining system which benefits all through the principles of synergy and synthesis. Partners will initially be the recipients of an educational package, acting as both advisors and contributors (innovators). An additional advantage for the partners will be the establishment of a common brand – Certificate of Wellness Network™. This certificate will be widely known and respected, symbolizing integration and representing a “social commodity”.

Meet the presenter: Ewa Danuta Bialek, Institute of Psychosynthesis. Centre for Sustainable Human Development
e-mail: instytut@psychosynteza.pl