Strona główna Imprezy LSOS Life Science Open Space 2014

Life Science Open Space 2014

The conference dedicated to connecting life science and innovation, following a formula which allows for interdisciplinary interaction amongst  seekers, solvers, inventors, developers, investors, customers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The theme 2014 is “ideas and technologies for health and quality of life”.

Specific interest tracks seek cross-fertilization of clinical innovations in areas such as mHealth, eHealth, telemedicine, diagnostics, personalized medicine, lifestyle, beauty and healthy aging, nutrition and life science design and others.

Present or listen to focused pitches concerning a specific technology or innovation then be ready for face-to-face meetings and dialog within an international community representing a variety of cooperating interests.

Whom to expect?

Solution seekers                     have challenge, look for solution from partners

Solution providers                 have specific competence, look for challenges

Inventors                                have a great idea, look for further co-development

Developers                              have great app, look for further co-development

Investors                                 have money, look for investment opportunity

Scientists                                 have knowledge, look for challenges

Entrepreneurs                        have business, look for business opportunities

Patients                                   have health record, look to share experience

Active persons                        have fitness record, look to share experience


Do you have an idea or a need or a challenge that matter for health and quality of life? Or just a drive to learn about? We invite you to attend the most promising emerging event in CE Europe 2014 – Oct 22th, Kraków, Poland.



Among presentations delivered during LSOS 2014, the reward will be given in two categories:

# 1: „Open Innovation Best Practice” – the prize awarded by a jury made up of experts in the field of innovation, collaboration and business development.

# 2: „The Most Compelling Collaboration Pitch” – the prize awarded by jury and the voting of fellow conference participants.


Register and apply for presentation


Proposal for a presentation (the abstract) are open to be submitted by any person representing the Member or the Partner of LSK cluster. Individuals and institutions from outside the cluster are invited to submit their presentation providing they conform with LSOS 2014 topic and focus areas.

During the event, there will be 20 presentations of technology and cooperation offers, elected and qualified on the basis of the description (abstract) provided on the appropriate form. The deadline for abstracts is  August 29th 2014.

Offers and proposals fulfilling certain requirements, which were not qualified for a presentation during the conference, will be published in the conference materials and on the internet as well as in LSK newsletter.

Do not miss the opportunity to register and apply to present your technology or partnering opportunities.