Welcome to the 17th European Biotechnology Congress organized by the European Federation of Biotechnology.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite You to Kraków, Poland, and to the 17th European Congress of Biotechnology – organized by the European Federation of Biotechnology. The last biennial meeting, held in Edinburgh in 2014, was one of most successful congresses on biotechnology and we hope to harness the excitement generated within the long history of this meeting, which was originally established in Barcelona in the 1980s.
The ECB2016 held in Krakow Poland will bring together the international scientific community and many segments of the biotech industry to provide a platform for exchanging ideas in biotechnology and its applications. It is anticipated that up to 1000 researchers, industrialists and academicians from around the world will attend this conference to share the latest findings and to learn about novel products and breakthroughs.
The Congress has been designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of biotechnology. A focus will be given to major research advances including synthetic and systems biology, industrial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and many more. Throughout the Congress, you will be able to interact with business leaders, investors, and policy makers and discuss the issues of IPR, regulatory aspects and the bioeconomy.
We look forward to an exciting meeting that promises great scientific debate and enjoyable social interaction. We also hope and trust that you will enjoy your visit to the historic and beautiful city of Krakow, in July 2016.
The European Congress on Biotechnology is the leading conference for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe, organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology. As a sequel to the highly acclaimed 16th European Congress on Biotechnology in Edinburgh, July 2014, the Scientific Programme in the Krakow Congress will include:

  • Plenary lectures by stellar speakers who are leading biotechnological developments
  • 25 symposia that span all colours of biotechnology
  • A fully-integrated Eurobiotech programme highlighting top Central European biotechnology
  • Invited speakers who are world leaders in their fields
  • Satellite events on the opening day of the Congress, Sunday 3 July 2016
  • 200 short talks selected from submitted abstracts for symposia or satellite events
  • Trade exhibition
  • Poster sessions located close to the Trade exhibition
  • Opportunities to hear about developments in the Asian Federation of Biotechnology
  • Highlight events that focus on current challenges and controversies
  • A Publications Workshop to help young biotechnologists publish their work in leading journals
  • An “Open Space” event to bring innovative ideas to the attention of industry
  • Meeting point with refreshments throughout the day

All of the above will be hosted in the state–of–the–art EXPO Krakow Congress Centre.

Actual information can be found on ECB 2016 website. To download the preliminary programme press the button:

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