Polielektrolitowe nanokapsułki

One of the main problem of current conventional therapies is lack selectivity. Administered drugs are more or less equally distributed within the body. To reach the target area they have to cross different biological barriers, as other organs, cells, even intracellular compartments, where they can be partially inactivated or cause undesirable side-reactions. Therefore, the main aim of our work is the development of the technique of therapeutic agents incorporation inside biocompatible nanocapsules with functionalized shells for targeted drug delivery. It would allow minimizing one of the main drawbacks of currently used pharmacological formulations that is lack of selectivity, therefore, it should eliminate side effects of applied therapeutics due to reduction of their toxic effects in the whole body. Such approach can provide background to modern personalized medicine.

We are looking for partners for cooperation aimed on practical application of developed nanocarriers of active substances

Meet the Presenter:

Krzysztof Szczepanowicz, Assistant professor, Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS| Niezapominajek 8, 30-239 Kraków, Polska| P: +48 (12) 6395128 |E: ncszczep <at> cyf-kr.edu.pl

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