Strona główna Badania nad rozwojem leków Liposomes as a drug delivery system

Liposomes as a drug delivery system

Liposomes are currently one of the leading drug delivery system. Thanks to its vesicular structure they can both hydrophilic and hydrophobic active ingredients. The use of liposomes as carriers for active substances leads  to increase its bioavailability, reduced toxicity and improve its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics parameters which translates into increased biological effect. It is particularly important in the case of anticancer drugs where use of nanocarriers can significantly improve the therapeutic effect  of drugs. The active substances encapsulated in liposomes can be administered either intravenously, topically or orally.

Synthos is currently expanding its liposomal laboratory allowing the development of innovative liposome formulations for various applications.

Over the next few months we plan to introduce to the market cosmetic formulations containing high-class liposomes. In the next few years we are  planning to develop innovative liposomal formulation of various drugs.

Our goal is to create innovative drug delivery system  based on nano-carriers to drastically improve the performance of therapeutic active ingredients. Therefore we are looking for partners interested in solutions that demand innovative formulations for their  development projects.

Synthos offers coperation in development of innovative liposome formulations for new active substances with potential therapeutic effect and generic drugs or for cosmetic applications.

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