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Telerehabilitacja mięśni dna miednicy kobiet

Tele-rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor muscles play a huge role in the life of women. Their dysfunctions, ie. urinary incontinence, organs fall, deterioration in the quality of...
Polielektrolitowe nanokapsułki

Polyelectrolyte nanocapsules as drug carriers

One of the main problem of current conventional therapies is lack selectivity. Administered drugs are more or less equally distributed within the body. To...
Biokatalityczna funkcjonalizacja steroli i steroidów

Biocatalytic functionalization of sterols and steroids

Sterols and steroids are important regulatory compounds in human body. As a results many drugs responsible for hormonal regulation or immunological response contain steroid...
NanoAddVenture – czyli jak minimalizować ryzyko zakażeń szpitalnych

NanoAddVenture –reducing the superbags infections in hospitals

The proposed project relates to antimicrobial coatings NanoAdd, which minimize the risk of hospital related infections. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reveals...
Liposomy - nanonośniki substancji czynnych

Liposomes as a drug delivery system

Liposomes are currently one of the leading drug delivery system. Thanks to its vesicular structure they can both hydrophilic and hydrophobic active ingredients. The...

Clinical information management along complex patient pathways

This project follows the research and development work conducted over the last five years in two EU-funded undertakings, namely the Alpine Space program (ALIAS, NATHCARE)...
Biokatalityczna funkcjonalizacja steroli i steroidów

Biocatalitic hydroxylation of cholesterol and its derivatives

The latest research results suggests that 25-OH cholesterol is an important hormone regulating a level of cholesterol production and lymphocyte activity. It can also be applied in antiviral and antitumor therapy.