Protein feed

Insufficient supply of minerals and vitamins in the diet is a serious problem widespread among people around the world. This problem is known as "hidden hunger" or "malnutrition" mineral malnutrition. This phenomenon is a completely different problem than the deficit of minerals, because the deficiency of such key micronutrients such as iron, iodine and vitamin A causes anemia, goiter and blindness, respectively. Hidden hunger caused by a deficiency of minerals and vitamins does not cause clinical symptoms, however, increases the susceptibility to infections and diseases, causes dysfunction of the immune system and physical and mental impairment. The problem of hidden hunger affects 28% of the population (about 2 billions of people), every third person on Earth is affected by nutrient deficiencies including 5 million school-age children. However, in the case of deficiency of necessary micronutrients, it is estimated that 60% of the population is exposed to iron (Fe) deficiency, 30% to zinc (Zn) deficiency, 30% to iodine (I) deficiency and 15% to selenium (Se) deficiency. In addition, 40% of children under the age of five suffer from vitamin A deficiency. The common problem of malnutrition of the population in minerals was due to the "Green Revolution", low-varied diet and food processing. Advanced food processing, dominant in developed and developing countries, leads to the loss of minerals in food, the consumption of which may cause deficiencies of several micronutrients at the same time. AMINOULTRA fertilizers provide ultra-fast plant nutrition with micronutrients that are important for humans, are safe for the environment, and can be used in plant biofortification and the production of functional food.

INTERMAG Sp. z o. o. is open to cooperate in the promotion and sale of biofortified food. Persons and institutions interested in joining the research on plant biofortification in micronutrients necessary for humans, i.e. Fe, Zn, I, Se, please contact us.

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